Masters Then and Now

Art Education for Students K-12

Masters, Then and Now Program

Masters Then and Now is a complete art education package with lessons for homeschool students grades K-12. The program was developed by Sister Helen Buening and gifted to the Atchison Art Association as a resource for non-traditional students, art lovers, and anyone who wants to create art.


The program contains 50 unique lessons, using various media, to which anyone, any age, can relate. Each lesson covers two pages. While the artworks in this book were produced by children in grades K-8, many of
the lessons are a challenge to high school students and beyond.


Cost is $25/book (+3.00 to Ship to your door)

Masters, Then and Now Class

Art education classes for the non-traditional student with lessons for students grades K-12, taught from the Masters Then and Now book. Held at the Atchison Public Library, students create in-depth art projects, and are able to use the library's resources to complement each lesson.


Where: Basement of Atchison Public Library

When: September-April, Every Friday from 1-3:30pm


Cost:  $35/student plus supplies

Through Education, Outreach, and Exhibition, our mission is to provide access to the arts and avenues for artistic expression in the Atchison community and throughout the region.