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Where Children Sleep   

Sept 2023-May 2024


Where Children Sleep is a remarkable series of children and their bedrooms from different countries and cultures by James Mollison. The project explores how the sleeping spaces of children reflect their lives, personalities, backgrounds, and dreams. Each pair of photographs is accompanied by a short text that tells the story of each child.


James Mollison is a Kenyan-born, English-raised, Venice-based documentary photographer who has published several books on social and environmental issues. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide, such as the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Aperture Foundation in New York, and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. He is also a recipient of numerous awards and grants, such as the World Press Photo Award, the Prix Pictet Commission, and the TED Prize.


The exhibition will open in September, with the opening event on Friday October 6th 2023, as part of the First Friday downtown Atchison event, and will run through May 2024.

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