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Unrealist --
the art of Abigail Hausmann-Graham

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Abigail Hausmann-Graham

June 2 through August 1, 2021

Opening Reception: Friday June 4, 5-7 pm at the Gallery 

Since I was young, I have been using the canvas as a portal into a different reality. In a chaotic world, it was the place I could escape to and have complete control. I could edit out the ugly and create beauty. Art has always been that for
me—when the world is too horrific, too mundane, too confused—standing in front of a great piece of art, one is able to escape into a different space. 


To me, the most beautiful things are sweeping landscapes, the human form, and deeply saturated jewel-toned colors. My canvases are layered with these elements and allowed to overlap and interact without being bound by dimensions and rules we are all tied to in the real world. My aim is that the viewer will experience the same sense of escape I do when painting. 

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