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Dharma House School of Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training
Alumni reviews of our program

"The Dharma House is probably one of the best 200 hr yoga teacher trainings in the region, or the country. I would absolutely recommend this school to anyone considering it and I'm going to miss it. You ladies are amazing and are absolutely going to be lifelong mentors for me, even from a distance." ~Maureen Lund 2017


" This was such a beautiful program. I am so thankful I was accepted and I cannot wait to spread it to others. From the moment we began until the moment of graduation, I could not have asked for anything more. The amount of education I recieved last year was far beyond any college degree and the bond we made will stand true and the test of time."~Courtney Pesek 2016


"Attending the Dharma House of Yoga in Atchison, KS is a privilege as it embodies the true spirit of yoga. Many other schools rush through their teachings. Dharma House is a true gift to those wishing to unlock the Truth within themselves. Classes are designed to not only learn the fundamentals of safe body mechanics and history but to encourage self-reflection. Dharma House of Yoga creates a space to truly experience yoga and the potential of self-realization." ~Charity Morgan 2016


"The goal isn't about just pushing people through and making the all teachers alike, but to make each teacher incredible, and authentic."~Keri Stone 2016


"The Dharma House School of Yoga Training Program was an extensive and in-depth program that helped to prepare me for teaching. This was the hardest thing that I have ever done. I had to go to my inner spirit and build outward. I am not the same person. I am a loving yogi excited to help others." ~Rene Gloshen 2017

"Hands-on teaching and they were amazing teachers. I loved being so close to everyone by the end of the year. They truly are family now and I can reach out to any one of them at any time." ~Whitney Linck 2017


"I am so inspired and excited to begin teaching. The curriculum was very thorough teaching us to live a yogic lifestyle and focusing on inner work." ~Rachelle Flynn 2017


"I received a superior education. I highly recommend this 11-month program which allowed me to really integrate Yoga Philosophy and Practice into my life". ~Cathy Walker 2017

Through Education, Outreach, and Exhibition, our mission is to provide access to the arts and avenues for artistic expression in the Atchison community and throughout the region.
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