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Board of Director Information

To find out if serving as a board of director is right for you, we have complied brief list of things to think about.

How much time is required? 

Directors serve in 3 year terms. The time commitment for a board director is approximately 3 hours per month, including one monthly meeting. Officers and president approximately 4-8 hours per month. 


What type of leadership will be required?

The ability to create and see the big picture with the courage to set a direction to achieve the mission and visions of the Atchison Art Association.  You will lead committees, tasks and projects. You will need the integrity to serve interests and goals of the organization as well as the interest of the public, intended beneficiaries and stakeholders.  Understand the duties and responsibilities of a board.


How passionate am I about the Art Associations mission of providing access to the art and avenues for artistic expression?

Being on a nonprofit board can be intense. Starting with a strong commitment to the mission will help you last. You will need a deep interest in serving the community, a dedication and commitment to fulfilling our organizations goals and the desire to make Atchison awesome.

How much energy?

One of the most surprising elements of the Art Association board is how much energy it takes.  The arts are inherently high energy, it takes an incredible amount of energy to create the tangible from an idea. You will need to put effort into fundraising, community engagement, problem solving, and organizational management and operations.

What else should I know?

Best practices for any board member includes:

·        Attend at least  90% of all Board meetings by phone conference or in person

·        Review the agenda and supporting materials prior to Board and committee meetings.

·        Serve on committees and take on special assignments as needed.

·        Personally contribute to the Atchison Art Association

·        Remain informed about the mission, services, and policies and promote the Atchison Art Association as agreed by the Board.

·        Provide support and advice to the staff but avoid interfering in management activities.

·        Provide sound planning in annual review, strategic planning, and operation goals of the organization.

·        Establish basic objectives.

·        Suggest nominees and participate in board recruitment.

·         Support the organization by representing the organization in the community and with funders.

·        Participate in Fundraising.

·        Perpetuate a sound Board.

·        Communicate with the membership, governments, and community in general.

An effective board member maintains confidentiality of board discussions, possess a sincere and respectful attitude towards colleagues and their views. Most importantly, they speak with one voice for the common good of the organization and the community.

Other resources that might be helpful in getting acquainted with the Atchison Art Association can be found on our website through

these links: Atchison Art Association bylawsAtchison Art Association Annual Reports, or contact Executive Director to find out more.

Let’s Work Together

Atchison Art Association

It is easy to contact us for more information or to submit a nomination Letter of Interest.  Simply fill out the form and send to our Nominations Committee. 

Thanks for contacting us! Our Nominiations Committee will contact you.
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