Job Summary
The reception committee is responsible for making the guests and members feel welcome and for securing names of visitors, opening reception details including music, food and beverage. 

Job Duties

1. Greet people entering the Gallery.
2. Prepare menus and food
3. Acquire food items from the store
4. Help set up food, prepare drinks and reception table.
5. Have at least 2 members pour drinks, refill food trays.
6. Break down food and drink table.
7. Wash all trays and serving items and place back into storage.
8. Make sure guest and members sign in at the register.

Job Relationships
The chairman of the Reception Committee is responsible to the Gallery Chairman. Members of the reception committee are responsible to the Reception Chairman.

Do you want to play a more active role in the arts? At the Atchison Art Association, we value your time, talent and overall contributions to our community. From administrative support to participating in receptions and events, there is a way to get involved that works with your skills and schedule.


Gallery Committee

  • Office Support

strengthening & transforming the community through art 

  • Marketing & Graphic Design

Job Summary
The Gallery Committee is responsible for coordination in all aspects of gallery operations.  Ideal participants may have the following backgrounds:  Artists, art instructors, community members with experience in gallery operations or visual arts, college students pursuing art or art history degrees.​

Job Duties

1. Curating: Select artists and artwork, approve artwork to be displayed. Plan art gallery calendar of following year in June. Review proposals, communicate acceptance or denial to applicants.
2. Installation: Plan layout of artwork dependent on size, color, composition, and content. Hang artwork. Direct lighting of artwork. Create and put artwork labels on display. Create informational brochure to be displayed at entrance of gallery. Each exhibit needs at least two eight-hour days of installation. Handle artwork drop off and pick up details. Prepare and distribute agreements with artists and organization.
3.  PR/Marketing: Create and distribute press release, email “Art News” list invite to opening, promote exhibits and openings through online social networks and post info on online community calendars. Update and provide content for Gallery pages on Atchison Art Association website.
4.   Manage and encourage art gallery sales and ensure artists receive payment. Manage art gallery budget, consisting of commission sales, and to be used on opening reception costs and maintenance of gallery, supplies (labels, cardstock paper for info brochure), etc.
5.  Document details of each exhibit, including image and artist list, archive programs and press clippings.

Job Relationships

​The chairman of the Gallery Committee is responsible to the Executive Director. Members of the Gallery committee are responsible to the Gallery Chairman.

Reception Committee

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