strengthening & transforming the community through art 

Located on the steps of the Atchison Library, The Tree of Knowledge draws attention to the power of language.  The mosaic celebrates the library as a cornerstone of our culture and reminds the community that what you read, what you say and how you think directly impacts your growth and the growth of every person you come into contact with.



Commerce is a unique, eight-foot-tall, hand fabricated copper, brass and bronze modern sculpture created by Kansas City artist David Breneman. The piece views commerce through a wide lens and attempts to capture the visceral elements of time, energy, effort, and willingness.  

This unique piece is both stable and fluid, it demonstrates the paradox of commerce….it must be stable and fluid.  It is these truths we are expressing through art.    




People are the heartbeat of every community and the most critical elemental component of our culture. How we treat and inspire each other as we move through the community is the life-blood of a healthy and robust culture. Root to Rise is an 18' stainless steel kinetic art sculpture, by artist Jeff Kahn, that celebrates everyday people who fearlessly rise up from the community to help a neighbor, a stranger or a community rise above what they thought was possible. It's about people who reminded us that our lives have less to do with ourselves that it has to do with all the people who cross our path.


Several pieces of the old Amelia Earhart Bridge have been donated to the Atchison Art Association. Local artist will construct a sculpture to be placed on on the Atchison Riverfront to remind us of who we are, what we have accomplished and what we build from here is our own making. The geographical elements of your region are the foundations of its history.

A Vision of Our Culture



The Atchison Art Association believes that a diverse and flourishing cultural community contributes to the city's overall civic and economic vitality and the well-being of its people and neighborhoods. We present to you our multi-year plan that contributes to this process of building a progressive and vibrant community. A Vision of Our Culture includes six permanent public art exhibits that visually draw attention to the places and the ideas in our community where culture is introduced, developed and nurtured. Art, history, food, commence, people and language are the building blocks of local culture and individually each is the focus of this multi-year public art project. 

Studio Model

The premise underlying this project is that food is one of the most elemental components of culture; what you eat, with whom you eat and where you eat is an essential component to local identity. To bring this idea to life, a series of permanent mosaic panels were installed at the Atchison Farmer's Market on the south side of Main Street in Atchison, Kansas. Local artists created the designs using color as the dominant unifying principle. Non-profit organizations, public and private entities, and individuals actively collaborated in financing, construction, and production. The mosaics beautify the market area and make it a more attractive destination for commerce, tourism and local food education. 




Planned for the grounds at the Muchnic Gallery is a stainless steel modern art sculpture reflecting back to the community all that art has to show, teach, record and inspire. What you see, how you see it and the ability to see it through another's perspective is an essential indicator of your culture.