Member Show 2022

This has been a year of new things for the Art Association, so we have decided to rethink our member show as well. This year, we have a theme for the show which nods to the 100 year anniversary of the Muchnic family in our historic home:


Keep it 100

What does Keep it 100 mean? According to pop culture, if you are keeping it 100 you are staying true to yourself and what you feel in the moment. You are being authentic and truthful.

But how does that translate to art? That is up to you to decide...and we can't wait to see!

Requirements for entry:

  • Pieces must measure 6"x6"

  • All art must be able to be hung

  • Each piece must somehow reflect the theme: Keep it 100. How this is reflected is up to the artist.

  • 2 entries per member

  • Entries will be capped at 100 for this show

  • Artists must be current members of the AAA

Categories for Awards:

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd in show

  • Most unexpected

  • Rising Star (Youth)

  • Furthest traveled piece

Please note: There will not be categories based on media type this year

Member Show Registration

See you Friday, December 2nd for Music at the Muchnic/Member Show 2022!