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Atchison, You Got A Gift!!!
On The Go - August 26, 2021
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Thanks to the generous gift of members Craig and Cathy Schroer, it’s Christmas in August. A sculpture tilted On the Go, produced by Craig, has been installed at the rest stop near the junction of  59 and 73 highways. The sculpture marks the west entrance into Atchison and skillfully speaks to our industrial roots in a stunning display of cogs pushing each other toward a greater work. 

Symbolic of the sculpture, it takes many moving parts and volunteers to make something like this happen. Thank you to Craig, Cathy, and Gretchen Schroer, Sean Kelly, Ray Vonderschmitt, Bob Grippen, Clinton McNeeme, Casey Quinn, Charles Sprouse, The City of Atchison, the Muchnic Foundation, staff and members of the Atchison Art Association.


Please join us for a dedication celebration 
5:00 pm on October 21, 2021

Rest Stop at the junction of 59 and 73 Highways


If you would like to donate to this or want to see more art in Atchison please donate to our public art fund. 

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