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We strive

To share art's value as a source of collective development.


Art provides a forum for expression and communication, a platform for imagination, creativity and understanding diversity that undoubtedly leads to a community’s success.

We work 

To make sure that art works for all of us, especially the underserved in our communities.  Through our public and private partnerships we seek opportunities to share arts inherent power of creativity and innovation to new segments of society so they, too, can reap the benefits of personal growth that leads to a communities success.

We believe

The arts challenge, inspire and change individuals and communities because audiences are encouraged to answer questions about life, the world and the legacies we are creating.  We exist to share the value of art to Northeast Kansas and beyond. By doing so, we improve more than the communities livability. We improve its health, vitality and economic strength.

Patty Boldridge


Our Team


Our vision is a community strengthened and transformed through Art.  The Atchison Art Association is an active player in positive change. As advocates for the arts, we aim to improve the lives and livability of our community through education, outreach projects, events and exhibitions. Through our members, volunteers and partnering with other like-minded groups, great things are happening.