Following the guidelines below helps us to give your artwork the attention you desire and guarantees a return of your valuable portfolio materials if you choose to send them to us.

1. Emailed submissions are preferred. -Submit to: using 'Artist Submission' in the subject line.

2. If you have a website, please include the URL. If you do not have a website or images accessible online, please send small images, photos are acceptable.

3. Please include Artist statements, personal history and philosophy as it relates to your work.  Other helpful information would include: size of exhibit, medium, pricing, exhibition history and public and private collections as applicable.

4. For a successful one artist show, the Muchnic Gallery holds approximately 45 works of art comfortably and may house up to 70 depending on size.  Shows may contain multiple artists. ​

5. If you have a personal contact with the gallery; a friend of ours or one of our artists, please mention it. All portfolios/slides/misc. materials submitted that you wish to be returned MUST include a self-addressed envelope with proper postage.

​Thank you again for your interest in Muchnic Gallery. We look forward to being in touch with you as soon as possible.

Muchnic Gallery Artist Submission Guidelines


The AAA director will meet with the artist to discuss exhibit at least four weeks prior to exhibition to make arrangements for installation, special needs and other details. Only hangars supplied by the AAA may be used for hanging artwork on the walls of the gallery.  Pedestals are available for three dimensional pieces.  Track lighting may be adjusted as needed, AAA will supply bulbs. 

All pieces should be in a condition for exhibition at the time of delivery to the gallery.  The AAA will assist with installation but will need to know specifics at least two weeks prior to opening.  Any specials added to the exhibition space or gallery must be discussed prior to installation.  ​

The AAA will prepare Identification labels.  The exhibitor shall provide the AAA a complete show inventory list four weeks prior to installation in Exel if possible; in addition each piece is labeled on the back with Title of work, Medium, Price or NFS.

Publicity ​

The AAA will prepare and handle press releases and make arrangements with media in with the information provided by the artist.  Artist may design their own media (with approval of the AAA) or have the AAA design media for them.  Artist are encouraged to coordinate social media with the gallery. The AAA will be responsible for marketing the exhibition including fliers, postcards, ads, posters and other materials as needed.  If the artist would like marketing materials mailed to his/her mailing list, labels must be provided by the artist.


Opening receptions are hosted for some exhibits at the Muchnic Gallery.  If a reception is planned for an exhibition invitations are sent to the AAA members: in addition, the artist may submit a list of personal guest and customers in Exel. Opening receptions are generally on Friday night 5-7pm or Sunday afternoon 2-4pm.  The AAA encourages exhibiting artist to give a presentation or talk about their works, their ideas, methods, inspirations or materials that will lead viewers and buyers to a greater understanding of their work. This is usually scheduled and marketed during the reception but can be on another day.


The AAA and its personnel will handle all exhibits with utmost care.  Insurance coverage for artwork of others displayed at the Muchnic Gallery is insured for fire.  There is no theft coverage; however, the Muchnic Gallery is protected by an electronic security system and full-time onsite caretakers.  In addition Docents are provided by the AAA when the gallery is open to the public.  Artist who would like to add a rider to the existing AAA policy should contact the director as soon as possible after agreeing to participate in an exhibition at the Muchnic Gallery. Other than security and insurance provisions state above, the AAA assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of articles listed in the inventory.

Gallery Sales and Commissions ​

The AAA receives a 25% commission on any artwork sold from an exhibition at the Muchnic Gallery.  If a piece is not for sale itmust be noted on the inventory list as NFS. Pieces sold will be paid for at the time of purchase and may be picked up by the purchaser at the conclusion of the show.  Checks will be made payable to the AAA and a check will be sent to the artist for all sales, plus sales tax, minus commission at the conclusion of the exhibit. Artist are responsible for paying sales tax.

Artist Submission List

Parties and artist exhibiting in our galleries need to provide the AAA with the following information and materials.

  • 12 weeks prior to exhibit:  Artist’s Statement and Description of work featured in exhibit, Digital photographs of artwork for publicity.
  • ​8 weeks prior to exhibit (or a.s.a.p.):   Complete Inventory list of exhibit, Mailing addresses in Excel if applicable. 
  • Exhibit Prep Day :Labeling on the back of each piece of artwork includes: Title of work, Medium , Price or NFS (not for sale)?

I have read and understand the Policies of the Muchnic Gallery

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Managed by the Atchison Art Association (AAA) The AAA is a 501c3, non-profit, self-supporting fine arts organization. The Muchnic Gallery and AAA provide a professionally staffed facility offering art exhibitions, performances and classes taught by professional artist.  Guidelines and criteria regarding our exhibition galleries have been established for high standards of professionalism and quality of exhibitions in mind.

strengthening & transforming the community through art 

Muchnic Gallery Exhibit Policies & Procedures

Thank you for your interest in submitting work to the Muchnic Gallery. We have been representing and showing artists for over 40 years. It is our priority to promote local and regional artist both established and new in accordance with our mission. The artists that we exhibit are chosen based on various criteria and all decisions are made as a team. We strive to adequately review each submission in a timely manner and make the best decision for both the gallery and the artist.